The one sentence that will convince you to return/skip the iPad.

I know it’s awesome, but the iPad is inherently device meant for consuming, not producing. By getting the iPad you’ll spend more time consuming and less time producing.


That’s actually one of the reason I don’t have one. Every time I considered getting one, I thought I would never get anything done with it, besides playing games, reading books, and watching movies. However, I already have devices dedicated for these activities: my iPod Touch, my Kindle and my Mac.
Also, every single person that I know that bought it thinking they would use it to work end up stop using when they realize that they can’t achieve any work on it.

I consider my iPad a leisure device. It’s fun for goofing around while sitting on the couch. For this reason, I won’t upgrade to the new iPad. Why spend $500 on something I’ll barely use?

I realize I’m in the minority here, as millions of people enjoy productive iPad use every day. More power to them. I’m just not among them.

Dave Caolo, Happy Birthday, iPad

Something I forgot to say.1

7:29 am: Checking my iPad to see when the latest iCloud backup was, and yes: the iPad automatically backed up to iCloud last night. This has got to be one of the most underappreciated features of owning an iDevice. Automatic iCloud backups are like Time Machine but better. All my apps, all my settings, all my pictures, backed up to the cloud while I sleep and while my iPad charges. Remember when we had to plug into iTunes and manually sync? Ew.

Shawn Blanc, Diary of an iPad (3) Owner

8:32 am: Just got a text from my friend who is at the local Apple store and he says there is no line. He just walked right in and snagged a 64GB Black Verizon model. Well, in that case, why should I sit around and wait for FedEx? Moreover, I’ve been thinking about how 16GB may not be enough any more. Already my iPad 2 is maxed out and I’ve had to delete all my music off of it. I think I’m going to cruise over to the Apple store and pick up a Verizon 32GB model instead. I can simply return my 16GB later. I guess 32 is the new 16.

Shawn Blanc, Diary of an iPad (3) Owner